Microsoft wants to make its cloud the platform ‘for every workload on the planet,’ and one way it’s doing that is helping startups win bigger customers

MicrosoftCharlotte Yarkoni, corporate vice president of cloud and AI at MicrosoftMicrosoft launched a program called Microsoft for Startups in February 2018 to teach startups how to sell to larger customers and give them access to Microsoft’s customer base.Microsoft sees helping startups as an investment because they can become partners in the future, and startups are also using Microsoft’s cloud, Microsoft Azure.Microsoft is also doing more to attract developers in startups like investing in open source software, something that it was previously reluctant to do.Click here for more BI Prime stories.When Chad Fowler, general manager of startups at Microsoft, initially joined the company through its acquisition of the Berlin-based productivity app startup Wunderlist, he felt that Microsoft was

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