Uber and WeWork’s are being thrashed for pretending to be tech companies. But the VC whose firm bet big on both startups says that argument is all wrong.

Getty/Steve JenningsBill GurleyHundreds of investors and private company executives convened for a special summit meeting on Tuesday in the wake of a series of disappointing IPOs.Some VCs are beating the drum for direct listings. And others are debating whether the recent IPO failures are due to old-economy companies posing as high-margin software companies.Bill Gurley, general partner at Silicon Valley venture firm Benchmark, recently tweeted a response to venture capitalist Fred Wilson’s argument about what constitutes a software company.Click here for more BI Prime stories.Venture Capital investors, startups and other Silicon Valley insiders are hastily recalibrating their views of the tech market and adjusting their approaches after a string of red hot startups have fizzled in the public

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