Here’s how one whistleblower is connected to Deutsche Bank, the Sony Pictures hack, and an investigation of President Trump

REUTERS/Kai PfaffenbachIn a Tuesday report, David Enrich of The New York Times profiled Val Broeksmit, a whistleblower who had access to a trove of corporate secrets related to Deutsche Bank. Val’s father, Bill Broeksmit, was a senior executive at Deutsche Bank. When Bill died in 2014, Val got access to his email accounts and found thousands of documents. Those documents led to a number of stories on Deutsche Bank. Broeksmit has also been involved with the group that hacked Sony Pictures and was subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee. Read more on Business Insider.One whistleblower with a treasure trove of documents is linked to Deutsche Bank, North Korea’s hack of Sony Pictures, and the House Intelligence Committee’s ongoing investigation into President Trump. That would be Val Broeksmit,

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