San Francisco residents received death threats after setting up boulders to block homeless tents. Now the city is taking the rocks away.

Beck Diefenbach/ReutersA homeless man takes shelter under a freeway in San Francisco.San Francisco residents erected giant boulders along a two-block alley to prevent homeless encampments in the area.The set-up incited backlash: People began pushing the boulders into the street, forcing the city’s public works department to lift them back onto the sidewalk by crane.Neighborhood residents reportedly received death threats.The city started removing the boulders on Monday.Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more.A two-block alley in San Francisco has become a microcosm of escalating tensions over the city’s homelessness crisis.¬†About a month ago, residents of Clinton Park, an area close to the city’s Mission District, raised money through a Facebook group to erect two dozen giant boulders along

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