The US military is practicing moving its Middle Eastern command base to South Carolina because its Qatar base is a ‘sitting duck’ for Iranian attacks

Al Jazeera / Houthi videoA Houthi military propaganda video shows off their recent victories against Saudi Arabia – a show of force that is making the US military think twice about where it stages its central command in the region.The Iran-backed Houthi military forces in Yemen are turning out to be a bigger threat than people thought.They recently had a major victory in a battle with Saudi forces. “Thousands” of Saudi soldiers surrendered, the Houthis claim. The claim is unconfirmed but sources speaking to Insider say that the Saudis regard it as a major defeat.The Saudis have been unable to stop Houthi or Iranian attacks recently.The problem for the US is that its Middle Eastern central command base is in Doha, Qatar. That’s well within range of Iran’s ability to strike.So the Americans

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