50K in Debt – Accepted an offer at a higher paying job but Failed background test due to Bad Credit – Now Unemployed and Scared of the Future.

Please help me, this subreddit has always given me hope that it is possible to rebuild but I don’t know what to do anymore. I ask that you please provide sound advice to get through this and not scold me for my mistakes; I’ve had a couple nervous breakdowns this week.

I left a job that offered me a promotion (to avoid burning bridges) because the company I interviewed with extended me an offer. The difference in pay between the two companies was roughly 30K and the role was a step in the right direction for me career-wise.

I never thought my bad credit would get in the way of getting me a job and grossly assumed that because I don’t have a criminal record that I would move forward.

Long story short I hit a rough patch early in 2018 and wasnt able to pay my credit cards (they went to collections). I’m 30K in the hole in CC debt and 20K in student loans. Even though I knew this was ruining my credit I figured if I worked hard, pay for the essentials to live (rent,food, car insurance,utilities, medical bills) and land high paying job that I would be able to get back on track.

I finally landed that job, accepted the offer only to be told a few weeks later that because of my credit history they would not move forward with me. This broke me.

Not only did I leave a job that offered me a promotion but now I no longer have an income. I’ve already asked for my job back but have been told their isnt a spot for me there anymore.

I’ve been aggressively applying to other jobs in hopes of finding something fast but also terrified that I will run into the same issue again.

I have 4k left for me to survive. I started consulting again with a company I used to work with in the past (25 hourly) to earn some kind of income; the problem is that its only a few hours a week.

I don’t know what to do, and I’m getting desperate.

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