50 grand lie idle…. In Russia

Hello. I am a 30 years old data analyst and SAS specialist programmer in a state corporation in Russia.

I don’t have any debts and I have my own apartment (540sqf) in Moscow, not far from the center, and a good car.

I have about $25k in Russian Bank with an annual intrest of 2%. This deposit is “protected” by federal Russian law. If the bank will be bankrupt, government promise to return the deposit under $25k (but in rubles).

Additionally, I have $50k in cash. This lump of money doesn’t work and this is a big concern for me. I want to use it properly.

I don’t want to exceed the level of protected deposit. Russian retirement programs are scam. Investment in Russian market is a very risky thing. So I would like to ask you, if you know any reasonable investment options, outside Russia, for a normal Russian guy who is willing to save his money?

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