5 Places To Shop In The Charming City Casablanca

Casablanca is a charming city with its fusion of new and old. The thing most people are excited to do on vacation is shopping. Casablanca is a commercial city and known as the financial capital of Morocco. It is an important city in the region in terms of business and trade. There are various places in the city that tourists can visit. The cutting edge infrastructure, boutiques, and shopping centers in Casablanca make it a shopping capital. Those who want to come home with perfect souvenirs have a lot of options on their hands.

Shopping in Casablanca:

Have you heard about Morocco’s largest city, “Casablanca?” It is called the financial hub in the region. People from all over the world come to Morocco to visit. Unfortunately, they ignore Casablanca thinking that it is not too touristy. But Casablanca has many places that are worth visiting.

Casablanca has an international airport, so most people enter Morocco through Casablanca. So, before heading to the other exotic cities of Morocco, stay in Casablanca for a few days and explore the hidden paradise in the city.

Besides visiting various places, the thing most tourists are interested in is “shopping.” Casablanca is a slice of heaven for anyone who loves shopping. There are plenty of local shops where you can buy traditional trinkets and fresh produce. In Casablanca, there are many interesting shopping malls where you do modern style shopping.

Here are a few places to shop in Morocco’s largest city Casablanca:

1. Old medina:

You can do modern shopping from anywhere in the world. But when you are in Morocco, you must buy some traditional stuff as souvenirs that will remind you of the tour rest of your life. One of the most interesting places to shop in Casablanca is an old medina where there is an array of shops competing for the visitors’ attention.

You can buy traditional stuff, including leather products, Arabian carpets, and many other iconic items from the old medina. Guess what the most exciting part is? Most items do not have price tags, which mean you can buy these items at the best possible price.

2. Morocco Mall:

Morocco Mall is the second-largest shopping center in Africa. The CEO of the architecture firm “Design International” designed the Morocco mall. The most interesting feature of Morocco mall is a massive aquarium that contains more than 40 different species of fish. You can find everything from everyday necessities to specialized products in Moroccan mall. There is a wide range of restaurants, cafés, and fast food outlets in the mall. Theme park adventure land provides excellent entertainment to visitors. There is a shuttle service running between the top hotels in Casablanca and the mall. You would be able to find almost every brand’s outlet in the Moroccan mall. You are in Casablanca, don’t forget to visit Morocco mall as it is a great place to shop from.

3. Anfaplace Shopping Center:

It is a nearby shopping center in the financial capital of Morocco, which offers a pleasant, complete, and comfortable shopping experience. It is a famous shopping mall in Casablanca which is built over three floors. There are shops in the mall where you can buy goods from. Also, there are leisure services available in the shopping center. The Anfaplace shopping center is the ideal place to visit with the family or alone as you can shop and enjoy views of the ocean in the shopping center. There is a small amusement park in the center, as well. For children, there is an indoor and outdoor play area.

4. Marche Central:

It is the central market in Casablanca, which delivers everything that is promising. You can buy trinkets from Marche central as souvenirs. But it is more famous for the excellent food. In Marche central, some delicacies sold in jars so that you can take them home with you. Purchase fish or meat and get them cooked at the restaurants. You can buy clothes as well from Marche central.

5. Derb Ghallef:

You can purchase furniture, electronic items, used books, and clothes, etc. from Derb Ghallef. But most of the clothes are an imitation of the brand.

Casablanca is a famous city full of history. It is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional architecture. Since it is an industrial city, it does not lack shopping centers and malls. Everything from traditional jewelry to modern designer dresses is available in Casablanca. There are street markets that show the life in Casablanca in all its rawness. Don’t worry, Casablanca is a safe city so you would be able to shop without worries. In the shopping malls, you can find the outlets of almost every famous brand, including Gucci, Louis Viton, and parade, etc. So, explore the city and shop from your favorite store.

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