28 / m looking for a new residence, can’t get past the “3x your rent rule”

Hi I make around $1238 a month on SSDI, for an apartment I wanted to rent an apartment for $790 a month but was denied based on having too low of an income. I tried practically every single livable residence in this city with no luck at all. I have around $13,600 or so in savings and have offered to pay multiple months rent but to no avail at all. I have around $8000 in student loan debt but that is not due until 2020. Every landlord I spoke to as well said that “unless you make 3x the rent, we can not rent to you, sorry”. Lowest rent here I have found has been 460 or roughly 1400 requirement. I have checked into section 8 but the list is at several years.

I don’t have any access to a cosigner (friends or family), what are my options?

Edit : I also have a 628 FICO with around $16000 in available credit, all paid in full and last negative is about 2-3 years ago.

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