25 and $40,000 in credit card debt.

Hey guys. This is a throwaway for obvious reasons.

Right now i’m a student full time and also working full time. My income last year was ~$50,000 gross. I currently have $40,000 in credit card debt from living a lifestyle I could not afford. This year I’ll probably make $30,000 as I’ll be interning with a company and have less time to work my job. (I’ll be transferring fall semester to university – debt free; have scholarships).

My debt is as follows:

American Express: $1,746.82 – 0% interest 12 months left.

BarclayCard: $3,208.05 – 22.24% interest

Capital One: $4,460.97 – 25.15% interest

Chase: $3,050.43 – 21.24% interest

Chase: $9,400.21 – 21.24% interest

Chase: $11,024.31 – 24.99% interest

Citi: $8,217.89 – 22.24% interest

Total Credit Card Debt: $41,108.68

Car Loan: $20,000 remaining – 0% interest. $347 monthly payment.

I had an issue late last year where I had a mental breakdown and ended up at a psych ward. That happening + dealing with depression caused me to stop caring and I missed payments for all chase cards. My credit score dropped from 780 to 509. Mentally I’m better now and it’s time for me to face my reality.

I’m not sure what to do or where to start. Can ya’ll advise? Thanks.

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