22 planning to leave home but my parents have all my money, what to do?

So this requires a lot of backstory and I dont know how most of it works tbh so I’ll just say what I know. I want to leave my house, no rather I NEED to leave my house, it’s not safe for me anymore and I dont ever want to live there again. Problem is, my parents control my bank accounts somehow, all I know is I’m a linked account with them or something and anytime I take money out or try to transfer it they cancel the transfer and tell me not to do that. I’d be starting over with no money no nothing. I’ve figured for school I can just take out a loan and figure it out from there, but how would I start a new bank account from nothing, my plan is to literally leave with nothing and start over, I can crash at a friends’ place for a bit but I dont want to bother them for too long, I just cant be here anymore. Please any advice helps, thank you in advance.

Edit: thank you everyone for your responses! I’m not currently in the US so I fell asleep, but I’ve read through all the comments and wanted to thank everyone for the advice.

To answer a few questions:

Parents are abusive, yes, something happened while we were on vacation that almost resulted in me being kicked out while on foreign soil and basically being forced to start a new life and find a way home by myself with no money and I decided “no, I’m not living like this anymore”.

Why didnt I leave earlier/why dont I leave now? I’m on vacation with them now, and in the past I was too scared/they threatened to call the cops on me before I was 18 and I guess I never figured that after I turned 18 they dont have jurisdiction over whether or not I leave.

Thank you so much everyone, I wish I could get back to everyone that responded but I woke up to like 300 messages in my inbox. I appreciate all the help from everyone and all the best wishes, thank you.

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