21 Y/o, should i buy land and build a tiny home?

I am taking home roughly 24k a year after taxes (also have been considering a second job) and have been considering buying some property and building a small one bedroom tiny house on it. I could snag a piece of property where i live for around 5-10k, and i assume 40-50k would be enough to build what i need. Although there is a lot of research i need to look into before going down this path, i thought it couldnt hurt to ask and see if you guys think this is a smart move for me. I live a pretty minimalist lifestyle, dont go out much, and dont really splurge with my money on things i dont need. I am currently living with my parents, and i really want to get out although my mom doesnt want me to move out AT ALL. My bills are very minimal. I have no car payment and only really have to pay for car insurance, phone bill, food, and some money towards my parents for staying at home.

Do you guys think this would be a financially smart move on my end?

Is there any advice you would like to offer me?

If this is a bad idea, could you explain why?

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