20yo College Student, $6500+ CC debt, hours being cut from min. wage job.

Due to some stupid financial decisions, I am currently in debt about $6500 through my credit cards, I am currently negative in my chequing account by $100.


– $14 per hour, used to average around $800/biweekly but now averaging around $500/biweekly.

– $200 monthly grant.


– $800 for monthly bills, (car payment fml, car insurance fml, phone bill)

– $100 overdraft in chequing account.

– $5,200 CC #1 debt (minimum payment this statement has to be $550… FML)

– $1,400 CC #2 debt.

Took me a lot of courage but I finally realized enough is enough when I couldn’t even buy my own food. I really need help paying this off. To some $6500 may not seem like a lot but to me as a broke college student (working with a minimum wage job + hours being cut) and with midterms coming up, assignments, arguments between my GF and I, I feel like I am getting to my breaking point. Just reading this post over is making me tear up and feel broken inside. Please feel free to chime in and give your opinions/advice on what to do.

Kind Regards,


edit: Should have included that car is being paid and is a lease for about 2 more years.

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